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Amber Ray Sues Madollar Mapesa For Defamation, Demands An Apology

Amber Ray explained that people should be worried to comment false accusations

by Jayden Musembi
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Amber Ray has sued Madollar Mapesa following previous accusations that she was involved in some type of con business, where Madollar claimed that the socialite had consistently asked for money from him. Amber Ray shared a court document from the court citing that investigations should be done on the perpetrator. A section of the court order read,

“We therefore humbly request that an investigation be launched to identify the perpetrator, investigate our client’s complaints and where necessary charge the offender as per the outcome of your investigations. This targeted attack to malign our client and mislead the public with false information should be deterred in the interests of justice.”

Days ago, Mapesa took online to bash Amber Ray, where he accused her of borrowing money. He also claimed of having an affair with her. Mapesa called her demeaning names that the socialite declined before proceeding to court. Mapesa stated,

“Some people think social media will pay their bills only to realise there is real life out here. Let no one gives u pressure in life based on what they post. On the ground things are confusing,”

The court stated that Mapesa’s accusations were against the law, and therefore, investigations will begin soon. The official order read,

“We are also of the firm opinion that women should not be improperly targeted on account of their gender and the nature of work that they engage in and as such hope that the Directorate holds similar views in relation to protecting women from such demeaning abuse and infringement of Constitutional rights.”

Amber Ray argued that she has no issue with being understood, but to protect her brand and who she is, she had to take legal actions against Mapesa. She cautioned people about creating stories to satisfy themselves, adding that it is always good to be aware of the source.

She promised not to comment on the issue, adding that her lawyer would respond to all queries and not her. Amber Ray explained that she would no longer handle such issues. What are your thoughts on this story? Share your insights with us down below. Also, read. Find more articles here.

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