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Comedian Oga Obinna Reveals Why He Is Afraid Of Taking Alcohol

The comedian stated that his uncles showed him a side of alcohol abuse that he didn't like

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If you didn’t know, now you know that Kiss FM’s radio presenter Oga Obinna doesn’t get any closer to alcohol. However, there are circumstances that can force the comedian to take some few sips or so.

The comedian-turned singer stated that he drinks on rare cases, and this is when he is paid to do so, and in addition, only expensive alcohol can go down his throat. The comedian stated,

“When I drink, I drink when I’m paid to and when I do, I drink very expensive alcohol.”

Comedian Oga Obinna stated that when he was growing up, he saw his uncles taking alcohol and leading reckless lifestyles. He promised himself that when he was of age, he wouldn’t consider taking alcohol by all means.

Narrating how he learnt to impersonate drunk people, comedian Oga Obinna stated that he stayed close to people who drink and mastered how they behave. A funny scene was witnessed three years ago at a club in Mombasa Road where the comedian stormed out of the facility.

He argued that the club waitresses failed to serve him tea when his colleagues were enjoying alcohol. Who else doesn’t drink in the industry? Did you know that Khaligraph Jones doesn’t drink as well? Now you know.

Tanzanian singer dubbed Zuchu earlier this year declined endorsing a multi-dollar alcohol company that was offering her good money to promote it. Zuchu cited that her religion didn’t allow her to engage in similar acts, and therefore, she had to observe what she has grown up believing.

Zuchu’s mum known as Khadija Kopa had also warned the singer of engaging in such promotions. She argued,

“If you advertise alcoholic drinks, you must drink yourself, but I do not drink.”

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