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“I’m A Proud Mum!” Amber Ray Says After Son’s Graduation

The socialite showed social media with adorable pictures of her son's graduation

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Socialite Amber Ray is a proud mum after her son graduated from senior High School. The socialite showed up at the graduation ceremony dressed elegantly to support her son’s huge achievement. Taking to her Instagram page, Amber Ray explained that she is determined to enjoy every step of motherhood.

She stated, “extra heavy on every stage of motherhood.” She went ahead and posted a picture of her and Gavin holding the award and captioned it, “We did it.”

In another post, Amber stated that she was overwhelmed by the whole experience, adding that she would drop the whole experience on her YouTube channel. She wrote,

“I swear this is my last post today. I can’t just help myself. I wish I can post everything here, but anyway, I will be dropping full video on my YouTube channel on Friday. Please subscribe. Link on my bio.”

The two look like twins, as her son Gavin looks exactly like Amber. They always serve mum and son goals and the Instagram influencer has never stopped flaunting the love she has for her son on social media.

Amber Ray and Gavin

Despite the hullabaloo that the socialite faces on social for different accusations, Amber Ray has never relented in her responsibility of raising Gavin. Despite being a centre of fun when it comes to relationships and dating, Amber Ray takes motherhood seriously, and this has repeatedly been seen in how she addresses her motherhood journey in interviews.

This comes barely a day after Amber Ray hinted at partying ways with Kennedy Rapudo. It shall be recalled that Amber had previously shared pictures of her new boyfriend, something that was praised and criticized in equal measure.

Amber Ray

The socialite is yet to respond on the matter. What are your views on this story? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Also read. Find more articles here

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