Home News Justina Wamae Rejects Ruto’s Latest Proposal to Address Gen Z Issues, Gives Wayforward

Justina Wamae Rejects Ruto’s Latest Proposal to Address Gen Z Issues, Gives Wayforward

Former running mate of Roots Party leader Hon. George Wajackhoya comes out with guns blazing to silence President William Ruto with facts on how Gen Z issues should be addressed.

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Hon. Justina Wamae, the former running mate of the Roots Party Leader Hon. George Wajackhoya during the 2022 Presidential election, has this morning dealt President William Ruto another blow by openly discrediting and refuting his latest proposal to address Gen Z demands. Ruto proposed assembling a team of 150 people, with 50 being Gen Z members.

Through her X handle, Hon. Justina Wamae minced no words when she informed President William Ruto and his associates that the unfortunate reality is dealing with a group of educated elites who can detect deception from a kilometer away.

Hon. Justina Wamae

Hon. Justina Wamae

In her message, Hon. Justina Wamae termed President William Ruto’s proposal to have a team of 150 people collecting views as ‘Mchezo Wa Taoni’, adding that everyone, including grade one kids, knows well that the slots for Gen Z will likely be filled by grandchildren of the same political bigwigs who are part of the problem facing Gen Z.

“We know the script (Mchezo Wa Taoni). The same people who have dominated our political scene from the 70s, 80s, 90s to date will bring in their grandchildren, nephews, and nieces as ‘Gen-Z’ to boost numbers at Bomas or some flashy hotel… produce a report that will remain unimplemented even after 10 years,” Hon. Justina Wamae wrote on X.

She additionally proposed that if President William Ruto and his government are serious about addressing issues raised by Gen Z, they should create a well-guided calendar to organize and conduct open workshops in universities, colleges, and marketplaces, with each activity televised.

Hon. Justina Wamae during a past media presser

Hon. Justina Wamae during a past media presser

“The ideal approach should include town hall meetings in universities, TVETs, and other higher learning institutions, where the TRUE Gen-Z can voice their views and provide solutions. Furthermore, the dialogue should involve more business people who can provide relevant information on the factors enabling business growth, which in turn creates employment.

“The information gathered should be used by elected officials, appointed politicians, and technocrats to influence and shape policies that significantly tackle unemployment and excessive taxation plaguing the country,” Wamae proposed.

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