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Sakaja Speaks On Rejecting Ksh.1 Billion Bribe To Step Down For Igathe

The Senator claims he was offered Ksh.1 billion to feign sickness and drop his gubernatorial bid.rial seat

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Senator Johnson Sakaja has finally opened up and exposed a deal that was initiated to see him get Ksh 1 Billion from State House to step down for Polycarp Igathe.

Sakaja exposed the untold details surrounding the degree saga that has really pushed him to the wall. He revealed why he is being fought by the state saying that it’s because he rejected an offer by a State House insider who wanted him to opt-out of the race in favor of  Polycarp Igathe.

This is something that has been happening for almost a whole month where the state has been busy following up his academic background to see anything that could help in bringing him down. As we speak, Sakaja’s fate currently lies in the hands of the judiciary and IEBC who will determine whether he will appear on the ballot or no.

Speaking during an interview, Sakaja gave more information concerning his woes saying there is a foul mission behind it. According to the Kenya Kwanza candidate, the deep state is behind his woes and is only after frustrating his bid on sensing he is going to be a real threat if he ascends to the top seat. The fearless Sakaja claimed that he is well informed that it is the deep state operating since he was once in it and knows very well about how it normally operates.

Further expounding on this claim, Sakaja quoted the following words;

1B was offered to me to step down from the Nairobi gubernatorial race. I was in the deep state, so I know how it operates,” said Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Johnson Sakaja.

All this started after Azimio leaders raised issues concerning his educational background claiming that he lacked a valid degree to allow him to contest for the top seat. He is running under the UDA party for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat where he is expected to face off with Azimio’s opponent, Mr. Polycarp Igathe

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