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Video: Drama After DP. Gachagua Bodyguards Manhandle KRG The Don

Artist KRG The Don finds himself in unfamiliar territory after clashing with DP. Gachagua's bodyguards during Kelvin Bahati's event in Nairobi

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A security incident unfolded at the launch of The Bahati Empire movie in Nairobi when popular artist KRG The Don attempted to use the same VIP door as Deputy President Hon. Rigathi Gachagua.

The event, held to premiere the highly anticipated film sponsored by Kelvin Bahati and his wife Diana B Marua, was marked by the presence of numerous high-profile figures from the Kenyan entertainment industry.

In a video shared by Hon. Mutua Titus on TikTok, KRG The Don can be seen involved in a scuffle with Deputy President Gachagua’s bodyguards.

The footage shows the artist being barred from accessing the event through the VIP entrance used by the Deputy President, leading to a brief but tense confrontation.

KRG The Don attending Bahati event

KRG The Don attending Bahati event

The Bahati Empire movie, set to debut on Netflix tomorrow, features an impressive cast including Rev. Lucy Natasha, DJ MOH and Size 8, Samidoh, and Karen Nyamu, among others.

The launch event attracted significant attention, with numerous celebrities and public figures in attendance to celebrate the film’s release.

Kelvin Bahati and Diana B Marua have expressed their excitement about the movie, highlighting its potential to showcase Kenyan talent on an international platform. The couple’s efforts to promote local content have been widely recognized, and The Bahati Empire movie is expected to make a significant impact on Netflix.

Despite the security scare, the event proceeded smoothly, with guests enjoying the premiere and celebrating the achievements of the cast and crew. The incident involving KRG The Don was quickly resolved, ensuring that the focus remained on the film and its stars.

As anticipation builds for the movie’s release, fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to watch The Bahati Empire and support Kenyan cinema on a global stage.

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