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I’m Very Young – Moya David On Child Neglect Allegations

Moya David stated that the child in the picture was his sister's

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Popular Kenyan dancer Moya David has denied fathering a child and failing to provide. During a previous interview, Moya David denounced being the father of a child he was accused of neglecting.

Moya David, one of the renowned Tiktok dancers in Kenya stated that the lady in question belongs to his sister. A picture of Moya and an unknown woman had resurfaced on social media, with the lady accusing the singer for ditching parental responsibility even after becoming famous.

David argued that in the original photo, he snapped with his niece but the said woman photoshopped her picture into the original photo. He added that the lady was trying to pursue fame with his name. Moya explained that his sister was also in shock when she discovered that her daughter was involved in an online rant. Moya David stated, ”

Actually, I was really mad because the kid that the lady was posting belongs to my sister. My sister was also vexed. I have never taken a photo with the woman who was peddling all these lies. She was just chasing clout. The child is my niece.”

He explained that if at all the story was true, he wouldn’t go out to deny his baby, considering that the public looks up to him. Moya David also addressed rumours that he once threatened Trevor Silaz who’s his lookalike. Moya has accused Silaz of going to an extent of impersonating his character for money benefits.

It was claimed that Moya trashed Silaz for copying his dance moves and his content to make money. However, the dancer declined threatening him.

Currently, Moya David has over three million followers, the highest number than any other Tiktoker in Kenya. What do you think about this story? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Also read. Find more articles here.

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