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Ruto Reveals What Uhuru Told The Bishops He Sent To Him

Ruto says uhuru refused to listen to the bishops who were sent to reconcile him with his Deputy

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DP Ruto had a chance to speak in a KTN interview where he came clean about the conflicts between him and his boss. He said that he has been doing everything possible to see if they could restore their friendship but all this went in vain. He claimed that he tried to use bishops but Uhuru turned them away. He said that bishops have been talking to him and his boss but Uhuru was so resistant to any attempt to Reunite them.

Bishops talk to me. They talk to the President too. When they came to me, I told them I want to have a chat with my boss. He flatly refused,” Ruto stated during an interview at Serena Hotel in Nairobi.

Ruto opens up on conflict with Uhuru

He went ahead and stated how Uhuru has been seriously humiliating him. Ruto said that if he was someone else, he could have already done bad things to the president because of how he treated his boss. Ruto gave a number of reasons as to why they literally parted ways with his boss saying it is not his decision but was a result of the conditions put by his boss.

It is really unfortunate, and I regret the rivalry has gone this way. I have been a very patient person, the kind of humiliation I have been subjected to by my boss, nobody could have taken it. If it was Raila Odinga or Martha Karua, they could have done dreadful things already,” Ruto added.

He completely counted himself out of the mess between him and his boss saying Uhuru was the main reason behind everything that is happening at the moment. The worst thing is that even after DP Ruto tried to find ways of restoring their good relationship, Uhuru said no to him. This has led to prolonged chaos between the two.

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