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Hamisa Mobetto Narrates Why She Sold Lover’s Car

by Mwende
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Hamisa Mobetto was asked where she took her other cars including the one that Diamond gifted her. In response, she said that Diamond bought her a Toyota RAV 4 after giving birth to their son Dylan which she later sold so that she could upgrade. “I sold the cars just to upgrade to get a Prado. The Range I recently got is my dream car.

Hamisa Mobetto, Diamond Platinumz’s second baby mama, was recently gifted a new Range Rover by her current lover. During an exclusive interview with Tanzanian media, Mobetto clarified that her new man  has been so good to her. She appreciated him for having shown her true love.


Photo: [Hamisa Mobetto]

Hamisa was so happy to disclose to the world that he was undoubtedly his dream man. Hamisa corrected the people who were saying that the Range Rover was a birthday gift by saying that when you love someone, it doesn’t simply mean that you should gift them only on their birthday.

Photo: [Hamisa Mobetto]

She said, “It was not a birthday gift. When you love someone, it doesn’t mean you only have to gift them during their birthdays. Show them love, every day. He asked me where I would be and I was very excited, and it is not the most expensive thing I have ever received from someone I love.”

When asked whether her lover was the only man who had ever gifted her with a good car, Hamisa Mobetto said that both her baby daddies had brought her vehicles.

Photo: [Hamisa Mobetto]

“I would credit all of them. Both my baby daddies bought me cars in their time. I have two cars, a Prado and a range. I bought the Prado with my money,” Hamisa said.

Responding to allegations that he bought herself the new Range rover, Mobetto said that it was someone’s son who bought it for her. “I would be proud to give myself again. I would have flaunted to the world that I bought myself the Range. I did not buy it myself. Someone’s son bought me the car, and I am happy about that,” the singer said.

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