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Untold Story Of Sultana’s Bi Ua; Early Life, Career, Marriage And Children.

Bi Ua's real name is Marian Ahmed Mzee.

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Bi Ua, whose real name is Marian Ahmed Mzee is a renowned Kenyan actress, and currently, she is one of the Sultana’s cast members. Sultana show airs on Citizen TV. It premiered its first episode on May 7, 2022, and it was the show that replaced Zora.

Bi Ua is a character in the Sultana TV series, and this is the role that Marian Ahmed Mzee plays. This in-depth article will look into the early life, career life, and personal life of Marian Ahmed Mzee alias Bi Ua.

Early Life
Bi Ua was born and raised in the coastal region of Kenya. She is speculated to have studied in the coastal region of Kenya as well. However, it is not known whether Bi Ua proceeded with her tertiary education since the information is not in the public. Details of the actor’s age remain unknown as well.

Acting Career
Marian Ahmed is well-known for executing the role of Bi Ua on Citizen TV. She is talented and this has been evident in how she executes her role on the show. Sultana TV series is a show that revolves around a small girl who is an alleged abomination, and this is according to the father and the entire community as well. She’s seen as an abomination because her father wanted to have a son, but instead, he got a son, since the girl child is perceived as the weaker sex.

Net Worth
As of June 2022, the net worth of Marian Ahmed alias Bi Ua is estimated to be above $150,000.

Marriage And Children
The Marriage status of Bi Ua remains unknown. However, it is perceived that she is a married woman. However, details about whether or not Bi Ua has kids are still unknown. However, we shall keep you updated if new details emerge. Kindly tell us what you think about this story? Share your insights and relevant opinions down below. Also read. Find more articles here.

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