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Inside Raila’s Plan to Make Africa ‘One Village’ as The Next African Union Chairperson

Raila Odinga stated that infrastructure issues in Africa will soon be resolved, leading to a reduction in overspending on transportation

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has shared small insights on social media on why he wants to become African Union Chairperson. Raila, who is in the sunset years of his long odyssey in politics, has thrown himself into the ring to contest for Africa’s apex seat.

Despite his age, the German-educated revolutionary believes he has the energy to open Africa, which according to him, is being colonized despite being independent for close to 60 years.

In a post on X on Friday, Jakom as he is referred to by his kinsmen, stated that once he wins Africa’s most coveted seat, he will connect Africa and make it look like a single village.

Raila said his first job would be to abolish some ‘stone age’ habits like Africans flying to some European countries to connect to certain parts of Africa.

Raila Odinga during a past media presser

Raila Odinga during a past media presser

The 79-year-old metal processing engineer further said once he wins the seat, he will connect Lake Victoria with the Atlantic Ocean and make River Nile navigable.

This is what Jakom wrote on his X page on Friday.

“It is regrettable that 60 years into independence, Africans have to fly to Europe to connect to certain parts of Africa and require multiple currencies and visas to access other African countries.

“Further to this, I hope that as chairman of the AUC, I will help the continent embark on long-deferred dreams including making River Nile navigable and connecting the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Victoria – Lake Tanganyika water bodies to facilitate efficient logistics in the interiors”

At the same, it remains to be seen how Raila Odinga will navigate via political landmines that have been caused by his loud Absence from local politics in Kenya.  In the Azimio camp, some leaders feel that the Head of State just like Uhuru Kenyatta might end up playing Raila Odinga and the latter fail to secure the AUC position

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