Home Entertainment “Kumbe Ni Yeye” Kenyans Call For DCI Response After Identity of Rita Waeni Killed is Revealed

“Kumbe Ni Yeye” Kenyans Call For DCI Response After Identity of Rita Waeni Killed is Revealed

A video shared by Nyakundi shows Rita Waeni and her alleged lover approaching a building which is believed to be a lodging

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Kenyans on social media especially X have come out in large numbers to call for the immediate arrest of the prime suspect in Rita Waeni’s mysterious murder, after a video clip of the duo romantically entering the lodging wjere Waeni was found murdered has emerged.

According to the video clip shard by Cyprian Nyakundi on X, Rita Waeni and her alleged boyfriend are seen crossing the busy road in Lumumba drive in Nairobi as captured by a CCTV footage that appears to be that of an adjacent building.

Former JKUAT student Rita Waeni

Former JKUAT student Rita Waeni

In the video, Rita is seen holding the hand of her boyfriend while the boyfriend can also been seen having a hearty chat with Waeni before the two proceeds to enter the hotel.

The video clip, didn’t capture the prime suspect walking away, pointing out to the possibility that the latter used a different route to escape after committing the murder.

That notwithstanding, Rita Waeni was a JKUAT students whose lifeless body was found lying in a pool of blood in an AirBnB in Lumumba drive and her throat slit.

One day after Rita Waeni made news headlines, The family of slain Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student Rita Waeni Muendo positively identified the severed head recovered in Kiambaa, Kiambu County on Monday as that of their daughter.

The deceased’s kin conclusively identified the decapitated head on Thursday during an autopsy conducted by Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor.

“The family told me that the forehead looked like that of their loved one and they talked about the hair and the teeth as well. Though they are very sure the head belongs to their daughter we still need to prove this scientifically. There are samples we have taken which will undergo DNA testing to match the head to the body of the deceased,” Dr. Oduor said.

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