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“Please Forgive Me,” Jimal Makes Move To Get Ex-Wife Amira Back

Jimal and his wife Amira have been embroiled in a public spat leading to their separation.

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Businessman Jimal Marlow Rohosafi has publicly apologized to his estranged wife Amira following their much talked about dramatic split that has put to question, the institution of marriage.

Jimal Rohosafi, in the post published on Instagram on Saturday, acknowledged his part in the mess saying he opted to make a public apology since he also embarrassed her publicly.

The Matatu Operators Association Chairman said that, although he kept silent at the time, the manner of their split caused him internal anguish.

“If I’m being honest, this hasn’t been easy for me to write. Out here I may seem okay but deep down I’m broken and I can no longer continue to live like this… most of you if not all know what happened between me and my wife and how we came to limelight; To say the least, It was chaos! It was messy! It was downright ugly! I may have seemed unbothered but I was helpless. I knew it was wrong.” Jimal wrote.

Jimal, in the post, apologized to Amira for causing her hurt and pain despite having vowed to protect her when they became man and wife.


Jimal and Amira

He cited their journey together to where they are today, urging Amira to forgive him saying he will henceforth be the man that she needs.

“Amira I am doing this because the disrespect was also as loud. I apologize for all the disrespect, for all the embarrassment, for all the hurt, for all the pain, for all the trauma. I am sorry for all the times i haven’t been the man I promised to be… you are my wife I was supposed to protect you and never associate you with any kind of drama! I failed and I admit it. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I have taken the first step. Please forgive me. Me and you come from way back and for me to put you through all that mess was distasteful.” Jimal pleaded in his Instagram post.

Jimal and Amira’s marriage was thrust into the public limelight when it emerged that he was allegedly having an affair with socialite Amber Ray who engaged Amira in frequent fights.

Amber Ray went live on Instagram accusing Amira of insulting her, while the latter – on her part – blamed the former for being the root of her marital problems.

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