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In-Depth Truth Of Sultana Actor JJ’s Personal Life & Acting Career

JJ, (Jabali Junior) is also known as Othman Njaidi, and his real name is Patrick Kanumba

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Popular Tanzanian actor and model dubbed Jabali Junior Alias JJ is a cast member of the Sultana show that airs on Citizen TV. JJ is also known as Othman Njaidi and others knowing him as Patrick Kanumba. Actor JJ is a famous actor, and his boldness & character has made him one of the most sought-after actors in East Africa. He is a brother to a popular late Bongo figure Stephen Kanumba.

Overview Of Jabali Junior’s Life
Othman Njaidi was born in the year 1998. The actor is 24, and he has been able to achieve a lot in his acting career. On the show, JJ acts as Major Jabali and Bi Ua’s son. He is a graduate, and Major Jabali is a proud father. He has an estimated Net Worth of $200k. Patrick’s brother, the late Stephen Kanumba was a well-known Tanzanian actor, who shook the industry for years. Stephen Kanumba was said to have predicted his death, and this was after he was featured in the movie, “Power of Love.” At a young age of 28, Stephen Kanumba passed on.

Who Introduced Jabali Junior To Acting?
Patrick Kanumba was introduced to the acting scene by his brother Stephen Kanumba. He always admired his brother’s acting spirit, and this is evident with how much energy he has put into the industry.

Jabali Junior’s Educational Background
Patrick Kanumba alias Jabali Junior attended school in Tanzania. He schooled at his hometown. Both his secondary school education and his primary studies happened in Tanzania. After completing his secondary education in the year 2016, Jabali Junior flew abroad for his tertiary education.


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Jabali Junior’s Acting Career
After he completed his tertiary education, Patrick Kanumba went back to his hometown to pursue his acting career. He came to the limelight as an actor after he featured in a popular scene dubbed Uncle Jay Jay. It was an emotional movie that his brother featured. Othman was also a cast member of Pazia, which is a popular movie that streamed on Maisha Magic Television and another role at “This is it.” Due to his persistence and talent, Othman landed another role at Sultana, a top show that airs on Citizen TV.

Marriage Life
Currently, Othman Njaidi is not married. Much about the actor’s love life is not known. However, in the year 2021, rumours emerged that the actor was dating a top Tanzanian figure known as Jennifer. However, answering to the rumours, Othman refuted the claims, adding that Jennifer was not close to being his type. Read other articles here.

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