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Ruto’s Aide Claims Raila Has Betrayed Deep State Ahead Of Presidential Elections

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Deputy President William Ruto’s office claimed that Azimio – One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga has declined deep state’s plots to rig tomorrow’s election in favor of hus presidential quest.

Director of Communication in the office of Deputy President William Ruto, Emanuel Talam claimed that Azimio – One kenya flag bearer Raila Odinga told deep state that he wants free, fair and clean election.

Raila’s decision to insist on free and fair election followed deep state’s move to take him through the detailed processes of executing irregularities in tomorrow’s election.


Raila and Ruto

“Baba has tol deep state he wants a clean election. This is after he was taken through a system ya kukarabati kura for him. Things Fall Apart” claimed Talam


Office of Deputy President Director of Communication Emanuel Talam had earlier on claimed that deep state is in disarray after the system alleged defied orders to mess with tomorrow’s election.

However he maintained that the will of the people shall prevail regardless of deep state’s plots to subvert the will of the voters and sabotage electoral process for Raila’s candidature.

“Deep State is in disarray. The system that supports it has defied orders to mess tomorrow’s election. The will of the people shall prevail” said Talam.

A few days ago, Emmanule Talam penned in his social media informing their opponents in tehAzimio One Kenya Alliance team that the Kenya Kwanza team led by Deputy President William Ruto are very much prepared to counter any sort of rigging and ghat they are very keen on avoiding any kind of chaos.

Talam said that they have already reported to the International Criminal Court[ICC] on any impending dangers and that should the leaders who are planning to overturn DP Ruto’s victory will have a case to answer since they have the whole evidence of what is been planned during the recently held night meetings.

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