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“Let Me Follow Her Footsteps” Kenyans React Shortly After Sonko Rewarded Tatoo Lady

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Former Nairobi Governor Hon Mike Sonko has made headlines after a video went viral on Twitter, showcasing his generous reward to a Muranga-based TikToker. The young woman, who drew a tattoo of Sonko on her left thigh, received not only praise from the flamboyant politician but also a promise that could change her life.

Sonko, known for his philanthropic gestures, is heard in the video expressing his gratitude and outlining his support for the TikToker’s entrepreneurial spirit. He pledges to establish a fashion clothing shop in Muranga County, cover six months of rent, and provide a cash gift of Kshs 150,000. This act of kindness has sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with Kenyans sharing their thoughts on the matter.

While some applaud Sonko for his generosity, others view the situation with a hint of skepticism. A segment of netizens has taken to social media platforms, humorously claiming they will follow in the TikToker’s footsteps, hoping for a similar reward. The sentiment “Let Me Follow Her Footsteps” has become a tongue-in-cheek rallying cry among those who see this as an opportunity to gain from public displays of admiration for prominent figures.

The story, covered by Mambo Mseto, has opened up a debate on the influence of social media and the lengths to which individuals will go for recognition and financial gain. It raises questions about the role of public figures in setting trends and the impact of their actions on the youth and entrepreneurial culture in Kenya.

As the conversation continues, it’s clear that Sonko’s gesture, whether seen as a genuine act of support or a publicity stunt, has left an indelible mark on the Kenyan social media landscape. The tattoo lady’s newfound fame and the promised business venture are now topics of interest, with many waiting to see the outcome of Sonko’s promises. Meanwhile, the sarcastic undertones of the public’s reaction serve as a reminder of the complex interplay between social media influence, politics, and the pursuit of success.

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