Home News TBT: Day Bishop Wanjiru ‘Turned’ Her Church Into UDA Party Meeting Arena During 2022 Campaigns

TBT: Day Bishop Wanjiru ‘Turned’ Her Church Into UDA Party Meeting Arena During 2022 Campaigns

by Dave
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In a twist of fate reminiscent of biblical narratives, the once-political sanctuary of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, founder of Jesus is Alive Ministries, faced its demise. The church, which had transformed into a buzzing political hub for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) during the fervent 2022 campaigns, now lies in partial ruins.

Throwback to June 19, 2022

A local publication captured the scene as over 500 aspirants gathered within the sacred walls, not in search of divine intervention, but to secure their political futures under the UDA banner. The church’s conversion into a UDA meeting arena by the then Nairobi Gubernatorial Aspirant Hon Margaret Wanjiru was a bold move that blurred the lines between the ecclesiastical and the political.

Fast forward to yesterday, the staunch supporter of the UDA and President William Ruto watched in despair as men, under the vigilant supervision of heavily armed police, tore down parts of her church. The accusation? Illegal encroachment on Kenya Railway land⁴⁵⁶.

The demolition, executed with precision and devoid of mercy, echoed the sentiments of a government reclaiming its territory. Yet, for Bishop Wanjiru, it was a call to arms, a plea for justice to the very leader she helped ascend to power. In a passionate outcry, she implored President Ruto for restitution, a compensation for the sanctuary she lost to the iron jaws of development⁵⁶.

As the dust settles and the rubble is cleared, questions linger. Was the church’s transformation a strategic misstep or a sacrificial offering on the altar of political ambition? The answers may be buried within the debris, but one thing remains clear: the line between sacred ground and political battleground has been indelibly drawn.

This story serves as a stark reminder of the volatile mix of religion and politics, where today’s hallowed grounds can become tomorrow’s battlegrounds. Bishop Wanjiru’s plight is a testament to the unpredictable tides of political alliances and the fragile nature of promises made in the heat of campaigns.

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