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Quickmart Kenya Exposed For Charging Higher Prices, Different From Shelf-Costs

The incident has sparked widespread outrage among consumers deceived by the retail giant’s pricing practices

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Quickmart Supermarket Kenya has been accused of overcharging customers, with prices at the checkout significantly higher than those displayed on the shelves. The controversy erupted when a Twitter user shared their experience of being charged Ksh 419 for an item marked Ksh 275 on the shelf. The same user reported a similar discrepancy with another item, priced at Ksh 120 on the shelf but billed at Ksh 130 at the register.

The tweet quickly gained traction, with numerous Kenyans chiming in to express their frustration and share similar experiences. The hashtag #QuickmartOvercharge began trending, as more customers recounted instances of price inflation upon checkout, sparking widespread concern over potential deceptive pricing practices.

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A Newly-renovated building wih Quickmart Supermarket banner ahead of opening

Consumer rights advocates have called for immediate action, urging the Competition Authority of Kenya to investigate the allegations. They emphasize that transparency in pricing is not only a legal obligation but also a fundamental consumer right. The supermarket chain, known for its expansive reach across the country, faces serious backlash as customers demand accountability and fair pricing.

Quickmart has yet to issue a formal response to the allegations. However, the growing public outcry suggests that the supermarket giant may need to address the issue promptly to restore consumer trust and avoid potential legal repercussions.

As the story unfolds, Kenyans are reminded to remain vigilant and report any discrepancies between shelf prices and checkout charges. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of consumer awareness in safeguarding against unfair business practices.

For now, the eyes of the nation are on Quickmart, awaiting their next move in what could be a defining moment for consumer rights in Kenya.

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