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‘Go To Court!’ Obinna Angrily Responds To His Baby Mama After She Exposed Him Badly

by Mwende
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KISS 100 FM presenter Oga Obinna has been on the receiving end just a few hours ago. This is after one of his three baby mamas called him out for allegedly mistreating her.

As we all know, Obinna has three different baby mamas who, according to him, were so nagging. As per a post that the baby mama made, she said that Oga Obinna had always been putting her on the spot as a bad mom to their kid. The lady added that co-parenting with Obinna was not as easy after their break.

The baby mama said that Oga Obinna has made it challenging for her to communicate with her daughter because he is a stumbling block between the two, mom and daughter. According to the lady, Oga Obinna could be bitter because, unlike his other two baby mama, she has not given up on her daughter to him.

“Just because other baby mamas gave you kids willingly, now you want me to give up on mine,” the lady clarified.
The mother of one said that Oga has the tendency to record videos and audio and edit out the excellent part and proceeds to post the wrong position, aimed at spoiling the lady’s reputation. Obinna taught the baby to disrespect her mom, which made her angry. He even threatened to take the mother to the police as per the information given by her.

Responding to the allegations laid upon him on KISS FM today, Obinna said that his baby mam could go to court if she wanted to.

He said,” I had said that I am not going to respond due to the wellness of the kids. I woke up today and saw very many messages from people who don’t even know me insulting me. I have talked to a couple of my friends who matter to me and I said I will never address a baby mama issue in public.”

Adding, Obinna said that the lady should feel free to go to court if there is any issue. “I have receipts of everything. If I decide to release all this, the baby mama might end up being depressed for the rest of her life. So I chose not to for the sake o. but I would like to say that there are a lot of men in a toxic relationship, but we don’t talk about it,” He finished.

Here is the link to the full video on youtube.


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