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Comedian Oga Obinna Narrates Why He Hasn’t Forgiven Dad After Building Him Luxurious Home

The comedian recalled how his dad kicked him out and came at him for a mistake he didn't do

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Oga Obinna

Popular Kenyan comedian and Kiss Radio presenter Oga Obinna has finally opened up about his strained relationship with his father, and why he has had a grudge against him for the longest time.

Obinna went ahead and stated that he will always keep his mum unknown to the public for personal reasons, but he will always talk about his dad for known reasons.

“I have spoken a lot about Obinna’s dad but I rarely talk about Obinna’s mum, I want Obinna’s mum to remain a mystery.”

He often states.

Despite making up things with his strict dad, Oga Obinna stated that things didn’t go as well as he thought, adding that he is not in good terms with his biological father.

Well, what would make you not have a good relationship with your father?

Oga Obinna

Media personality Oga Obinna

Obinna explained that they talk occasionally, despite the fact that they are not that close with each other owing to historical grudges he has continued to harbour. He described himself as that kind of a person who will hold grudges for a very long time.

Oga Obinna went ahead and stated that early in the day, his dad had kicked him out of their home in very unfair circumstances. Oga Obinna continued to explain that something had happened back at home, and his dad came fiercely at him, although he wasn’t the one on the wrong. Without listening to his side of the story, his father had made it appear he was the one on the offensive, and later kicked him out.

That was the genesis of his long-harbored grudge against his father.

Not long ago, Oga Obinna built his father a house, and this attracted lots of congratulatory messages from his fans and followers on social media. However, it turns out that has done nothing to shore up things between them.

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What is the wildest thing that your parents did to you? Can you hold a grudge against your parents?


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