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Sultana’s Babu Acting, Media Journey And His Painful Past

The actor lost his job in 2018, a move that affected several journalists at NTV

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Sultana’s Babu is one of the most sought-after cast members of the show. Babu’s real name is Lolani Kalu. Well, despite being a very talented individual, there is more to know about the controversial Kenyan actor. In this article, we shall look into depth the past life of the actor, his family, career and early life.

Early Life And Family

Lolani Kalu is a married man. The couple has so far been blessed with three wonderful children. A lot remains private about the actor’s early life. However, he was lucky to land his first job when he was fresh from high school.

Career Journey


The actor

Despite being an actor, Lolani Kalu is a journalist, and he has been able to work in one of the biggest media stations in Kenya, which include NTV. The actor joined the media industry in the year 1985 when he was fresh from campus. Then, Kalu was just 20 years old. He was fresh from High School. He used to translate and present news with Sauti Ya Kenya.

Later on, Kalu joined Kenya National Theatre where he became a full-time actor, where he used to present set books. In 1999, he landed a job at NTV. He was a Swahili news presenter. Unfortunately, In 2018, the actor lost his job alongside other journalists.

Hard Times
When he lost his job, Lolani Kalu had to relocate to his home in kilifi and was aging fast. He disappeared from the limelight until the media started inquiring about his whereabouts. It was until recently that Ahmed Mohammed decided to look for the actor and understand where he went. He shared on Twitter that Kalu was facing a hard time, and called out Kenyans to help him out. Ahmed Mohammed stated,

“Few days ago I asked about the whereabouts of journalist Lolani Kalu. Today Chief Inspector of Kaloleni station has found him. I have spoken to Lolani. He is going through hard times and seeking for your help.”

Kalu’s Acting Journey
Lolani Kalu has been an open-minded individual who is always growing his growing career in all aspects. When he left Kenya National Theatre, he resolved to concentrate on presenting news until he was relieved his duties in 2018.

However, when Sultana started looking for actors, he landed a role that he perfectly fitted in. He is currently one of the most sought-after cast members of the show. Refer to more articles here. Also read

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