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MCA Tricky To Fans; I Will Get Rue Baby Pregnant To Silence You

The comedian has always been linked with dating Akothee's daughter, Rue Baby

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Kenyan comedian MCA Tricky has stated that he’ll impregnate Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby. The comedian narrated that the questions of whether he is dating Rue have tired him, and therefore, the next thing he plans to do is to get her pregnant. He stated,

Rue Baby unajua nitakuja kumtia mimba mimi ndio muache kushinda mkiniuliza hii story, mimi Rue Baby nitamtia mimba btw the next thing we are announcing is her pregnancy (One day I will impregnate Rue Baby so that you guys can stop asking me these questions. I will impregnate Rue.”

The comedian stated that since Rue Baby is out of school, her mum Akothee will not have any issue if she gets pregnant for him. The comedian also spoke about his stand on marriage. He argued that he prefers polygamy, adding that there should not he a limit to enjoy life as long as someone is not being hurt.

Explaining how he made his brand, MCA Tricky stated that Churchill Ndambuki nurtured his talent and gave him a platform to sell himself. It is from that platform that he was able to grow into being one of the most sought-after comedians in Kenya.

The comedian also recalled how Churchill Ndambuki verified his talent and gave him a platform. He stated that if Churchill chose not to give him a chance, he might not have shined in the comedy industry. MCA Tricky explained that fans played a huge role too in loving his content day by day.

He has turned out to be one of the greatest comedians in the country with a large following on all social media platforms. What is the most outstanding thing about MCA Tricky? Give us your relevant opinions and insights in the comment section. Kindly read this article. Find more interesting articles here.

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