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Huddah Monroe Slams Tiwa Savage For Misleading Women On Marriage

The socialite stated that Tiwa should not advise women yet what she does is to snatch married men

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Popular Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has bashed controversial American-based Nigerian musician Tiwa Savage for what she describes as having loose morals and yet, purporting to offer marriage advice to women.

Tiwa Savage


The reaction of the Kenyan socialite came after Tiwa Savage announce that she was hunting for a man who was more financially stable than she is currently. This did not sit well with Monroe. Tiwa revealed this during a previous concert in the United States of America.

Tiwa Savage stated,

So I was telling my stylist, Tokunbo, it’s not that I am just looking for a guy that has money, because I have money too. Period! I have my own money too. If you do anyhow, I would get into my Lambo and leave. All I’m saying is we’ve got to match our energy, you’ve got to match my energy. So from now on, we are looking for someone to add to our funds. Period!” 

Her words were not taken lightly by the Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe. Huddah is known for speaking her mind without fear of being judged. Well? Do you think Huddah was right?

She slammed the singer for lying to the public about the kind of a man she wants to date. She went ahead and stated that the singer should not advise people to go for successful men yet she goes for married men.

Huddah stated,

I love females that speak reality but don’t advise women to stoop low and not want a successful man when you chase and chase people’s husbands. The irony is it’s true nothing like your own money but I went undercover and over 40 plus runs a woman lie to me. She is lying to yall when she finds a married man for $$$$…have your own but accept a man who has and is giving.”

In recent days, celebrities have been engaged in bitter online spats as each tries to outdo the other in fame and moral standing. How do you think the new Tiwa and Huddah beef will play out? Kindly share your thoughts with us.

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