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Another Breakup? Amber Ray Deletes Lover Kennedy Rapudo’s Pictures And Unfollows Him On Instagram

Amber Ray recently shared adorable photos of her and Rapudo

by Jayden Musembi
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Popular Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has deleted photos and unfollowed her new boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo on Instagram. Amber Ray’s latest move has fuelled speculation that the duo could be staring at a breakup even though there has been no communication from both parties.

This unexpected move comes days after Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo took to their respective social media pages to flaunt their love and the great plans they ha for future. However, there are many unfilled gaps regarding what could have pushed Amber Ray to resolve to the telling move.

However, even though many people could argue that they are clout chasing, why would Amber Ray unfollow him on Instagram? Well, there are so many questions surrounding the whole story.

A few days ago, Amber Ray posted and deleted an adorable picture of her and Kennedy Rapudo and captioned,

“Who you are experiencing your life in this moment is more critical now than ever. With so much happening around and directly directly us, choose your lover, your friends and your safe spaces from those who can give you tenderness and nudging that you deserve and need.”

Amber Ray has been in several relationships in the past that proved not to be working in her favour. Prior to dating Kennedy Rapudo, Amber Ray was dating a Sierra Leonean gentleman named IB Kabba who seems not to have moved on since she fell out with Amber Ray.

When Amber Ray shared pictures of Kennedy Rapudo on her Instagram page, IB Kabba took to his Instagram page and wrote,

“It’s so funny because after introducing a man to me that ‘this man is my friend we even chew together,’ all over a sudden he is your boyfriend. It means you guys were effing beyond when we were still dating. It is so crazy fear.”

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