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4 Quick Facts About Actress Sultana That You Need To Know

Mwanaasha Johari alias Sultana is the lead actress of the series

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Sultana, the actress who plays the role of a visually impaired girl in the Sultana Series is loved and cherished by many. Well, in this article, we shall discuss a few things about actress Sultana that you probably didn’t know.

Despite her ‘disability,’ Sultana is good at the role she plays, and this makes her one of the most sought-after cast members of the show. We have to give credit to her perfect acting skills. Here are several things that you didn’t know about Mwanaasha Johari alias Sultana.

She Is Not Blind
In the series, Mwanaasha Johari(Sultana) is born blind. At birth, she is switched with Jabali Junior alias JJ. However, later on, the woman whose son happened to be switched with Sultana passed on, and this left the actress under the care of Bi Salama. However, in real life, Mwanaasha Johari (Sultana) is not visually impaired. Her acting capabilities have perceived fans into thinking that she is blind which is not true.

She is Beautiful and Talented
Sultana rocks in short hair and an adorable smile. She is a true definition of African beauty. In the cast, she has proved to be the best fit for that role, and this explains how smart and composed she is. In addition, her bubbly and stubborn nature in the show makes her stand out. Even though it was her first acting role ever, the actress is composed, and this has earned her so many fans in a very short while.

She Is A Great Fashionista
She moves with fashion, and this can be seen from the photos she uploads on social media. In March during the show’s launch, Sultana was dressed in a custom-made long grey dress. She was in a matching turban that completed her look, making her look so adorable and admirable.

You have all reasons to love her fashion. This gave fans a glimpse of how creative and adorable the young actress is. In March, while narrating the theme for the day, she stated,

“a day like today Sultana was born, 7th March. Every Monday to Friday on Citizen TV from 7.30 to 8pm.”

She Is A Very Private Person.
One thing you will note about Sultana is that she is a very private person. On the show, Sultana’s crush is Jabali Junior. He was switched with her at birth and currently, JJ lives with his wealthy parents. However, Sultana lives at abject poverty with Bi Salama.

JJ is madly in love with Sultana, and fans are convinced that at the end of the show, he will marry her. In real life, Sultana has proved to be very secretive. It is not clear whether she is dating or not. She has wrapped up details about her dating life. What do you love about Sultana? Also, read. Find more articles here.

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