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Wacheni Kunifananisha Na Kibaki; Pritty Vishy Cries Foul Amid Increased Online Trolls

Pritty argued that if she had the chance, she'd have wished to resemble Nicki Minaj or Beyonce to avoid being body shamed

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Popular Kenyan socialite and Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend known as Purity Vishenwa alias Pritty Vishy has shared a video while in tears. Pritty advised trolls to stop body shaming her and making her feel bad about herself.

Trolls had equated the socialite to a traditional chicken, kuku kienyeji, something that has angered her. She went ahead and stated that another gang had called her out, telling her that she smiled that the late President Mwai Kibaki.

It however became a norm, and at some point, Pritty Vishy started embracing her as the trolls described her. However, the socialite while in deep frustration, called out her haters to end the business of trolling her.

Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy relaxing

She explained that she didn’t choose to look the way she did, adding that if she did, she would have preferred to look like Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj, which was impossible.

Pritty Vishy advised her followers to stop the habit of waiting until she posted pictures and videos online for them to troll her.

She argued that her parents wouldn’t feel well if they learnt about the abusive names she was getting because of her looks. The socialite argued that it eats her from within, adding that when she is on her own, she gets depressed and even cries.

Pritty went ahead and reminded her trolls that they will grow someday, and their kids will suffer the same way they made her feel. While she shared the video, others continued to body shame her, with majority of them questioning why she decided to pursue fame if she was not ready for the consequences.

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