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Who Is Zuu Of Sultana? Early Life, Career Journey and Net Worth

Zuu is one of the most sought-after Sultana actresses

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Annette Odusi, alias Zuu is a prolific Kenyan actress and a model. She has featured in many TV roles, including Maza, Fatuma, and Matatizo. Annette Odusi plays the character of Zuu in the Sultana TV series, which airs on Citizen TV. The show airs from Monday to Friday, between 7.30-8 pm. This article will discuss the early life of Annette and her career journey.

Early Life
Annette Odusi was born and raised in Mombasa. She went to school in Mombasa, both Primary and secondary education. She spent most of her teenage and adult life in the coastal region, which fully explains her Swahili accent. Most of her acting roles are based in the area, which explains why she spends most of her time there. Annette Odusi hails from a spiritual family, and this explains her morals.

She is a phenomenal actress and one of the most sought-after Sultana actresses. Her passion and love for acting started when she was a teenager. Due to her passion for acting, Annette Odusi decided to pursue acting in full gear. Fortunately, she managed to shine in the industry, having featured in many captivating shows. Currently, she plays the role of Zuu in Sultana.

Zuu is an adorable daughter to Maneno. However, Maneno is so hesitant about giving Zuu a chance to have a choice of getting married to whoever she wants. Zuu finally gets married to Mwenzele.

Annette Odusi’s Instagram
Zuu is an outgoing woman, and if you’d like to interact with her on Instagram, you can find her as @annette_odusi. At the time of this article’s publishing, Zuu has more than 17k followers on Instagram. She has over a thousand posts and about 47 following accounts.

Net Worth
Zuu’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000. However, this figure does not include unknown assets or money in the bank. What do you love about Annette Odusi, alias Zuu? What is the most impressive thing about her? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Also, read. Find more articles here.

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