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This Is The Man That Winnie Odinga Has Always Wanted To Date

Winnie spoke to Spice FM, giving reasons why she keeps her circle small

by Jayden Musembi
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Winnie Odinga has come out to address the kind of attributes she expects from a man. Winnie Odinga disclosed that a tall, dark and handsome man is ideal for her. Adding to her explanation, Winnie stated that a slimmer man with a degree with the above listed features is her ideal type of a man.

The Azimio presidential flag-bearer’s daughter spoke to Spice FM where she discussed some key details of a man she would like to date and make a life with. She also discussed a few things that she expects while in a relationship.

“Trust, the ability to communicate, have discussions and sort of a platform where I can bounce off. All the work that I do, all ideas I come up with I need to check with somebody.” She opined.

Winnie went ahead to explain that despite being born from a prominent background, she doesn’t view herself as different from other people.

However, because of her position, she has not been able to get genuine friends. For her, politician’s children’s have become so skeptical because of their inability to trust people considering that betrayal is in all corners.

However, Winnie argued that she has been able to meet a lot of people while undertaking her daily activities. However, she has been unable to enlarge her circle. For Winnie, she doesn’t share much information with people who don’t deserve to know.

She describes herself as an introvert. However, Winnie enjoys time while with family and close friends, but in many cases, she enjoys more when she is alone.

Winnie Odinga stated that on a weekend, she prefers to stay in her house and watch TV or even consider visiting her parents. Winnie Odinga has been in the forefront of Raila Odinga’s campaigns in different parts of the country. She has championed her father’s campaigns, describing him as the leader Kenya deserves.

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