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Phoina And Amber Ray Confirm They Are Back Together

The two broke ties earlier this year and maintained their rift issues low

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Months after their crazy fallout, Phoina and Amber Ray have hinted that they are good in terms. During a Q and A session with her fans on Tuesday, Amber Ray requested her fans to ask anything they wanted to know. One fan raised the issue about her former best friend Phoina, and Amber Ray gave positive feedback, adding that she was going to have a date with her sooner. The fan had stated,

You and Phoina are a perfect combo. Love you.

Amber Ray responded,

“I miss her too. Phoina collection, what do you think of a wine date and then Ibiza?”

To clarify that they were good with each other, Phoina reposted Amber Ray’s post, adding,

Miss you too my Kamba bae and yes to wine date then Ibiza why not?”


Amber Ray

The exchange of good vibes on their respective social media channels came as a surprise to many, months after duo had a messy private fallout that shook the Internet. The duo hinted that their friendship was broken, but they didn’t move forward to share details of what exactly happened.

It shall be recalled that the duo was known for sharing good moments together, and this included going to clubs and sharing wine. However, the friendship ended abruptly earlier this year. However, things are now okay, and very soon, we could see them together in pictures on social media. During a previous interview, Amber Ray had disclosed,

We are not friends and we are not hiding it. I still believe in BFFs because I still have friends I have known for very many years. Life has reasons, and people also have seasons in our lives. If it works well and good if it doesn’t sawa.”

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