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Simon And Sarah Kabu Enjoy Good Time In Singapore, Leave Naysayers Envious

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Simon Kabu, the CEO of Bonfire Adventures, and his wife Sarah have been touring the world and serving followers with couple goals after reuniting. Their recent nasty split caused a stir in Kenya’s social space and it was unlikely they would reunite.

The two love birds are in Singapore and have been sharing videos and photos of them having fun in tourist destinations.

If you are a keen follower of the two, you must be aware that the two went on a romantic walk at Marina Bay hours before proceeding for dinner at Marina Bay Sands.


Photo:[Simon Kabu And Wife]

The two later went for a romantic dinner at Marina Bay Sands. They enjoyed it! Sarah Kabu, who has always felt free to share everything with her fans, shared a review of the beautiful gardens describing them as small heaven on earth.

The mom of two wrote,” It looks like paradise. We had a romantic walk around these beautiful glowing gardens, and then after that, you go to the rooftop for some nice food and drinks. Mkitembea kwa hizi gardens mtu anaskia tuu mapenzi!”

Photo:[Simon Kabu And Wife]

The two have been going on family vacations now and then. Not so long ago, the celebrity family had flown to Lumpur, Malaysia, before flying to Singapore, their current location.

As per a video they shared on their Instagram page, Kabu tried carrying the wife, but he didn’t manage. He hugged her tightly before going up for dinner.

Kabu has been a romantic guy to Sarah, as we all have seen. On their 14th anniversary, he sent our all-time surprise king Moya David to give her some flowers, chocolate, and cake. This was so emotional that it left Sarah in tears. She could be seen wiping her tears, and later she hugged her hubby.

Photo:[Simon Kabu And Wife]

Simon Kabu said to her,

“ Sarah, 13 years ago, a day like today… on the shores of lake Naivasha, we both did it! It has been 13 years of dedication, commitment, hard and smart work, and most importantly, God’s blessings starting from the kids, the business, and companionship. As we celebrate our anniversary, just know that you are not only my partner in crime but the mother of my kids, my business, and my bed partner. Surprise after surprise… May we remove our last tooth together.”


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