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Meet Dida Of Sultana In Real Life And Her Mysterious Love Life With A Popular Actor

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The local Televola Sultana aired on citizen TV every weekday has several actors and actresses who are truly talented, as we all have witnessed. Let’s take a look at Dida, who is among the main characters in the movie.

Photo:[Winnie Bwire and Dan Sonko]

Dida’s real name is Bwire Ndubi. In the TV show, Dida acts as the only daughter to Bi. Fatma and Mr. Buya. Dida is a fashion designer who is in love with Major Jabali’s son, Jabali Junior. Their love life is complicated because it seems like Dida’s mother sees something beyond the two getting married. Simply put, Dida’s marriage with Jj is for her mom’s good.

Photo:[ Sultana Actors: Kaka, Dida, Bi. Fatma and JJ]

JJ doesn’t seem to be so much into Dida. Instead, he is in love with a blind girl, Sultana, after whom the telenovela is named. The two seem destined to be together, but both JJ’s dad and Sultana’s mom are against it. They both have their reasons.

Dida is a confused girl who is shocked, angry, and in love with another man, Kaka. She tries to do what her mom Fatma tells her, mostly about her getting married to JJ. She seems to have no choice but to go for the person she is in love with against her mom’s wishes.

Photo:[Winnie Bwire and Dan Sonko]

We should know that all these confusions and complicated love life don’t define her authentic self. This is because Bwire is a happy mother of two and a happy wife to a coast-based actor Daniel Kinyanjui, mainly referred to as Dan Sonko.

Daniel has been featured in various movies, among them ‘Pete,’ aired on Maisha Magic East. The two got married in 2019, two years after Daniel’s wife, Druscilla, passed away, leaving their second son at a tender age.


Photo:[Winnie Bwire, Dan Sonko and their two sons]

What’s more exciting about their love story is that Bwire was the best friend of Daniel’s late wife, and the two began dating a year after her death. The public has trolled the two love birds because of their love life, but they seem to have beaten all odds.

Winnie is now a loving stepmom to Dan’s two boys, Djibril and Darell.

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