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Akothee Breaks Silence Woman’s Stabbing Over Co-parenting Issues

by Mwende
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Akothee, a Kenyan celebrity and a self-proclaimed president of single mothers has waded into the issue of co-parenting  and the struggles behind broken families. This is after the story of a lady who escaped death in a needle hole went viral.

Akothee  reminded her fans that she once said that co-parenting has its struggles that are very real. She added that most people wouldn’t understand it because they have never experienced it. As per Akothee, co-parenting puts the life of the mom and that of the child at very high risk.


Captioning a video of the lady narrating to Citizen TV, Akothee wrote,

“The struggles behind broken families! The struggles behind cameras with co-parenting. I once said it’s worst than death, but most people misunderstood the deep meaning of what I meant. This co-parenting thing puts your, our, and the children’s lives in danger if the other partner is not cooperative and has other interests.

Wengine tunaishi roho juju , ni shingo tu, tumewekwa nje tupumue tusizame. Pole mama, pole Sanaa may god strengthen you for this double-triple loss. I don’t know how you are still standing like this. Ni nguvu za mungu tuu. May your family rest in peace. I am broken from this!”

Photo:[Akothee and Munyalo]

According to a lady who was identified as Munyalo, Dennis Musyoka, her ex-hubby requested her to bring the daughter to him over the weekend so that they could bond, but he seemed to have different plans for them all. The two had domestic issues that led to their breakup, but they were still co-parenting.


Munyalo said,” the issue was the baby. After I moved out, he requested that I should be giving him the baby, and we agreed. He used to spend the time with the baby on Sundays, but he was angry when he missed his baby’s second birthday celebration as I was not around. We agreed to meet the following day.”

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