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Hakuna Kitu Mbaya Kama Kulea Mtoto Anayefanana Na Baba Aliyemkataa – Carol Sonie

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Carrol Sonie has opened up about the internal struggles she has faced while raising her daughter, Keila, who resembles a father who rejected her – Mulamwah.

During a question-and-answer session with her fans on her YouTube channel, Sonie was asked about the main challenges she has encountered in parenting her daughter.

Sonie emphasized that she has never collaborated with anyone, specifically mentioning Mulamwah, in the upbringing of Keila. She stated that the only people who assist her in raising Keila are her parents.

She expressed that a heart-wrenching aspect for her is realizing that her angel’s face resembles Mulamwah, who rejected her as his child.

“I don’t know if it hurts or what, but my fans, especially mothers, just think about raising your child who has been rejected, and her face is like that of her father. What do you do in such a situation? You gather courage and move forward no matter what,” Sonie said.

Sonie also confirmed that she is in a new relationship and has moved on with her life after the events that unfolded online for several months following her separation from Mulamwah.

She mentioned that the whole world would stand still when she introduced her partner. However, she clarified that she had nothing to do with Mulamwah as he had already rejected their daughter.

Sonie revealed that she removed Mulamwah’s name from Keila’s birth certificate, and she mentioned all the new names to confirm that Mulamwah does not influence her daughter’s life.

“None of my daughters’ names are English; she is called Keila Khoe Wangui Muthoni. Thank you so much for that question,” Sonie said.

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