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Netizens React After Karen Nyamu Revealed Never-Seen-Before Photos Of Her 2 Baby Daddies

The politician has always been shameless when describing her affair with Samidoh

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Controversial Kenyan celebrity and politician known as Karen Nyamu has surprised her followers on Instagram by sharing pictures of two men who have fathered her in the past. Karen Nyamu is one of the celebrities in Kenya. She does not care what people say about her, and she is always ready to spill the beans when she has to.

She is always unique in how she carries out things, and on father’s day, the mother of three went ahead to surprise her fans. Sharing pictures of her baby daddies, Karen Nyamu stated that she fully appreciated her two baby daddies, adding that they’ve been there for her kids.

Karen Nyamu

Celebrating them, Karen Nyamu went ahead and shared pictures of DJ Kevin and Samidoh while sharing moments with their kids, moments that the public has never seen before. Karen Nyamu wrote,

“Today is Father’s Day. And even though I’ m not married. My babies are lucky as can be to have the most loving, most generous, most unproblematic dads. “

Karen Nyamu went and stated that she wished her baby daddies well, adding that she’d want them to have a lot of money, adding that she’d want to spend the money together with them in the Maldives.

She stated,

“Thanks for loving my babies, and thanks for being there. You are appreciated, and what you do no one else can do. I pray that you be so successful and wealthy, so that Karen Nyamu ashindange Maldives kupeleka watoto. Happy Father’s Day! “







Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have had an on and off affair that trended on social media in the recent past. Despite being the singer’s side piece, Karen Nyamu has always made it clear her intentions of wanting to be married as a second wife. What’s your view on this story? Share your insights down below. Follow us here. Also, read.

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