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‘Motherhood Is Hard!’ Nadia Mukami Opens Up On Challenges

The singer recently welcomed a baby

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Nadia Mukami, who is mainly referred to as the African Popstar, has revealed that motherhood journey to her has not been an easy task.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Nadia Mukami, who welcomed her son, baby Haseeb Kai with hubby Arrow Bwoy early this year, said that in as much as she looked happy on social media, she was breaking down inside.


Photo: [Nadia Mukami and Arrow Boy]

Nadia said that she struggled with being a mummy for the first time. She said,” I really struggled with the whole new mummy thing! Bruh! I am a very strong woman, but I really did get overwhelmed.”

Adding, the mother of one said that she used to talk to some of her friends about the issue, but they went ahead and judged her wrongly. As per her, they assumed that she was acting too emotional.

Photo: [Nadia Mukami]

“I tried to try to tell anyone how hard that shift was, and the story was; Why are you acting weak, you are not the first on, you are being emotional,” Nadia Mukami narrated.

Nadia, who, to our knowledge, was once experiencing a loss before she bore baby Haseeb, said that it wasn’t easy dealing with her music career and upset at the same time.

Photo: [Nadia Mukami and Arrow Boy]

“… Work overwhelmed me the most! I felt like no one understood me at all. I ask God for strength and guidance!!” She added.

Trying to give the whole story, Nadia narrated how some performers made her go through hell immediately after her miscarriage. We all know that she performed five days after she had gone through the miscarriage, and it wasn’t an easy task for her in that she had to perform as long as she had been paid.

Photo: [Nadia Mukami]

Nadia said,” I used to feel like the promoter did not understand me. I got out of the hospital, and we went to perform after five days. They treated us badly and booked bad hotels for us. Female artists go through a lot. I paid for another hotel for my team”.

“Pregnancy made me feel like men are irritating. Pregnancy is not easy. It’s bittersweet. Through what we have been through situations. My body was weird and so emotional,” she continued, “I had a miscarriage, and I went through loss on April 12 last year. Juggling miscarriage and work were the worst. I went through counseling, and it helped me so much”.


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