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I Am Born Again! Omosh Kizangila’s Viral Video Raises Mixed Reactions Online

by Jayden Musembi
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A famous Kenyan actor known as Omosh has given his life to Christ in the most controversial way, a move that has raised mixed reactions online. In a video going viral on social media, the singer could be seen sharing a scene with pastor Kanyari. When the pastor was praying for him, Omosh could be seen going down on the floor. This move has raised excitement, with most social media users adding that he needs to be taken to a rehab centre so that his life can get back to normal.

Omosh has been in the headlines for different reasons, especially when he came out and asked for help to clear debts. It is recalled that Kenyans have been compassionate enough to assist him. It seems like the actor has not been able to win his life back, and this has been evident from the life he has been living. This move could have been the main reason he decided to seek religion. Omosh used to be part of the Tahidi High show, a high school script that used to air on Citizen TV. He has proved to be very talented, and this has been one of the main reasons Kenyans have played a considerable role in helping him.

In the past, many followers of the actor on social media have questioned the actor’s drinking habits, and they have consistently urged him to seek medication in a rehab facility so that he can regain his reputation back. However, Kenyans have always been kind enough to support the actor and have his life around.


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