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Sultana TV Show On Fire As JJ Plans War Against His Father

by Mwende
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The Sultana Tv show takes a new twist with JJ and his dad Major Jabali now becoming the greatest enemies. This is after his attack on Bi. Salama and her daughter Sultana caused him great pain. Jj, who in the previous episode rushed to rescue Bi. Salama has now plotted war between him and his dad.

Kokani met Major at his place, and he always decided to betray both JJ, Bi. Salama and Sultana. He told Major that JJ helped Salama and Sultana in escaping, hindering his mission. The look on Major’s face clearly defined what was in his heart. It is now a fight between father and son.

Photo:[Major Jabali]

JJ found a new place for Salama and Sultana to hide. He even promised them that he would find another place and take them away where not even Major would trace them. Things are now working in favor of JJ because by doing all these favors to Sultana and her mom, he has won the trust of the two.

Back home, the Major’s house is on fire. First, because of Bi. Asiya has not been so reliable in giving information to Major and two because Major has begun a war with Aunty Sada, who they nearly fought following Bi. Salama’s incidence. Asiya is now the biggest enemy of the family, and they don’t seem to no longer trust her again. It is her and the Major’s family.


Photo:[JJ and Sultana]

The Buyer’s family is also on fire! Dida arrives home drunk, and her parents are in disbelief. The next day, he confronts Bi. Fatma for having failed to keep her promise about leaving Kaka alone. Dida is so angry at her, and she seems to have ended the deal with her mom.

Photo:[JJ and Sultana]

It seems like everything will be brought to light because Fatma accidentally mentioned Kaka in his conversation with Major Jabali. He seemed to pay more attention to the issue and could be planning to attack him. All the focus now is on JJ and what he will be doing to his father.


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