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Kenyan Nurse Who Drowned In Canada ‘Predicted’ Her Death

Hellen Wendy drowned while streaming her swimming time on Facebook live

by Mwende
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The Internet was on blaze just a few hours ago. This is after the most terrible thing happened to our very own Kenyan but Canada-based nurse, who was identified as Hellen wendy.

Hellen wendy was in a swimming pool having fun. Hellen was live on her Facebook account while she was still swimming. As per a video that has circulated almost on all social media platforms, the lady was very happy conversing with some of her friends on Facebook as she was swimming.


Photo:[Hellen Wendy]

She heard, “Hello there, I’m just from work and decided to come here and have some fun.”
Hellen would go in the middle of the pool as per the video she was sharing on Facebook, and she would dip her head inside the water for some time, then immediately come close to her phone camera and smile at her fans.

The nurse went once more to the far end of the pool, and things were not right this time. She was heard screaming and calling for help. The collection seemed so deserted, and there was no one around apart from the red thing spotted around the swimming pool.

Photo:[Body of Hellen Wendy, Her friends in Canada]

Hellen started screaming, and this time, she seemed to be drowning. She is reported to have died in the 10th minute of the video. Her live video was still running for three hours. Her fans were the only ones watching, but they couldn’t help. In the 3rd hour, some people were conversing just behind the camera she had set.

In a leaked watsapp chat with her friend, Hellen said,

“Mimi nitakuwa huku, ata kama ni this year, nitakufa huku, sijui mtanichukuwa?”

Jokingly, the relative replied, “Tutakuchukuwa tukuzike Kenya. Huwezi heap mateso ya kenya hata ukikufa..!”

Photo:[Leaked watsapp chats of Hellen Wendy and relative]

This gives us more reasons to conclude that Wendy may have predicted her death. Her relatives say her body will be flown back to Kenya after an autopsy. Rest In Peace, Wendy!

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