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Mulamwah’s wife Ruth K Sets Rules for Him

by Mbugua
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Mulamwah’s wife, Ruth K, recently shared the ground rules she set for the comedian since the inception of their relationship, shedding light on the dynamics of their romance. During a visit by comedians YY and Eddie Butita to Mulamwah’s hometown in Kitale, Ruth revealed that one of her non-negotiable rules was ensuring Mulamwah returned home by 6 pm.

The happily married couple, Mulamwah and Ruth K, eagerly awaiting their first child’s arrival, welcomed fellow content creators YY and Butita to Mulamwah’s rural home in Kitale. The gathering was filled with laughter, delicious meals, and shared moments, which the content creators joyfully captured on social media.

In a video shared on Ruth’s social platforms, YY and Butita teased her about the positive change they observed in Mulamwah’s demeanour, jokingly asking her what magic she had used to make him so content. “Nowadays, he is extremely happy and always talks about you. Whenever we are somewhere, and 5 pm reaches, he says he wants to go home to see bestie,” remarked YY.

Responding with a smile, the heavily pregnant Ruth disclosed the rule she had set for Mulamwah, stating, “Kwa nyumba ni 6 pm, hakuna kuchelewa (He has to come home before 6 pm, not later than that).” The comedians, clearly amused, shared the light-hearted moment on social media.

Mulamwah and Ruth K’s love story began in 2022, and the couple recently announced their upcoming parenthood. The pregnancy, although unplanned, brought immense joy to the couple, with Ruth revealing that she discovered she was expecting on her birthday. Fans noticed the unusual size of her tummy in birthday photos, prompting her to take a pregnancy test, confirming the happy news.

Ruth expressed her gratitude for the unexpected blessing, emphasizing that they appreciated God’s perfect timing although the timing was not planned. Since the beginning of their relationship, Ruth has gained celebrity status, accumulated followers and secured ambassadorial gigs. The couple’s journey, marked by love, laughter, and exciting developments, continues to capture the hearts of their fans and fellow content creators.

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