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Jalango Distances Himself From Claims Of Dating Bahati’s Wife Diana Marua

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Langata MP, Phelix Odiwour famously known as Jalango has responded after he was asked about his viral photo alongside Diana Marua, that has been trending.

This comes after Jalas was linked to having something with Diana Marua years ago during her wild past full of shenanigans and debauchery.

Jalang’o was thrown in the mad for that particular photo plus others where his boys club friends are captured with Diana B, singer Bahati’s wife now.

Diana Murua confession of dating multiple men for survival and money  including being a side chick to a married man has literally shocked many Kenyans; especially on thoughts that her husband Bahati let the video go live and public.


The comedian, now Member of Parliament says;

“I didn’t see…I didn’t know Diana was trending, a friend of mine showed me a photo, I remember that photo must have been taken in.. more than 10 to 15 years ago, where my friend Kasich used to have a boutique at Jamia Mall; Diana had come in to buy clothes, and she was already a superstar by then, Diana has been a superstar through out and she requested for a photo. We took a photo with her, it really hurts when people write things..prostitution.. even when you don’t know what someone is going through. Ghafla! Ghafla! Ghafla! niwewaita mara ngapi?” Jalango shares his story with blogger Mungai Eve.

Jalango will not take action or sue, but he feels sorry for Diana and how the story about them was spiraled out of context.

“I’ve never dated Diana! Diana has been my friend for the longest time, and even when we took that photo, it was just a good photo! Diana has been an amazing person, she is pushing herself, she just posted an innocent video but people took it out of context.” adds Jalango.

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