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Jowie Irungu Introduces A New Mysterious Lady

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Just years after he separated from former media personality Jacque Maribe, Jowie Irungu introduced a new lady who may be his new girlfriend.

The hunk did this via a post on his Instagram stories few hours ago, where he posted a photo of them spending time together while at some undisclosed location.

The camera only focused on their legs and it captured the white sneakers that Jowie Irungu and the mysterious lady had donned while together.

What rose eyebrows, however was their posing posture, where they were close and faced each other. They also had their feet interlocked and this hinted that the two may be lovers.

Here is the post

Jowie Irungu however never showed the lady’s face and this was probably in a move to hide her identity from the public. Her name also remains a mystery.

If it is indeed true that the lady is his girlfriend, then the hunk would have moved on just three years after he separated from Jacque Maribe.

According to reports, the two broke up in 2020, and this was after they were linked with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, who was found dead at her home in September, 2018.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu were even later charged with the murder, and they are slated to know their fate this December on the 15th.

Speaking of their relationship, however, the former Citizen TV journalist revealed that they had dated for only one year before they got engaged.

She therefore felt that their relationship was somewhat rushed and wished that they had taken some time to know each other better first.

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