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Lilian Nganga Speaks Out Amidst Rumours She And Juliani Have Run Broke

Viral stories indicated that Lilian Nganga had gone to court seeking financial support from her ex-husband Alfred Mutua

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Former Machakos County First Lady Lilian Nganga has broken her silence amidst growing speculation that she and her husband Juliani have run broke, signaling a rough ride for their love affair following her much-publicized separation with former Machakos governor Alfred Mutua.

The sensational stories on social media suggested that Lilian went to court, seeking to have her ex-husband Alfred Mutua compelled to offer her financial support ostensibly to take care of her new baby.


A screengrab of a story indicating Lilian Nganga has taken Mutua to court

A large section of Kenyans took to their online networks to admonish Lilian and by extension, Juliani. A viral comment-cum-meme read,

“Mamangu akifanya makosa kama hii then niteseke bandage tunaweza kosana mbaya sana. Yaani I had the chance to be born with a silver spoon na wewe nyege zako zikakupeleka kwa mvuta bangi Dandora.”

Perhaps tired of the insinuations of making a wrong financial move in her choice of Juliani over Alfred Mutua and regretting too soon with the alleged court move, Lilian Nganga took to her social media handles to speak about the issue.

‘Just seen some shallow story that yall trying to drag me into…kwani hamchoka ngiendeeleni tu..let me proceed with my day with my little boy… having control over your time is the greatest currency” Lilian Ng’anga posted.

Her cryptic post has been interpreted as a bold move that speaks of wealth without freedom while with Alfred and probably less of wealth but with freedom and happiness with Juliani. 

Facts you didn’t  know about Juliani before Lilian came into the picture

rapper Juliani

Juliani has been an entertainment sensation for over ten years in Keny’s entertainment space. He has also served as the Vice-Chair of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) governing council in Sports, Arts and Culture; as a patron of the Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet Festival and as the Youth Climate Ambassador and the Nairobi Securities Exchange Ambassador.

Juliani has also worked on numerous campaigns such as the Kenyans for Kenya Campaign ‘Celebrity Waiter Challenge’, International Commission of Jurists tree planting campaign “Rauka Ama Hatuta Survive” and Bono’s ONE campaign ‘Do Agric, It Pays’ for the song “Cocoa na Chocolate”.

The talented singer previously worked with Google, National Bank, Norwegian Church Aid, Jacaranda Gardens, Turning Tables, Forum Syd, Amiran, OXFAM and What’s Good Media, Women’s Empowerment Link, Ford Foundation, Orange Kenya, The Ministry of Health and JICA.

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