Home Entertainment “Jail Sharon’s Killers Too”, Calls Grow After Jowie’s Death Sentencing

“Jail Sharon’s Killers Too”, Calls Grow After Jowie’s Death Sentencing

Controversial blogger Aoko Otieno has led calls to have former Migori governor Okoth Obado brought to justice for Sharon Otieno's gruesome murder

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In a dramatic turn of events barely a day after the High Court sentenced Jowie Irungu to death for the murder of Monica Kimani, public outcry has surged demanding justice for Sharon Otieno, whose gruesome murder shocked the nation just over five years ago.

Lady Justice Grace Nzioka’s decision to hand down the death penalty to Jowie Irungu has reignited the fervor for justice in Sharon’s case, with many questioning why her killers have yet to face similar consequences.

“Wasn’t her murder just as, or I dare say – even more macabre!” exclaimed Maverick Aoko, a controversial blogger, on Twitter. Sharon Otieno’s tragic demise involved chilling details of brutality – pregnant, raped, strangled, with her belly ripped and her fetus slit. The brutality of her murder has left a scar on the collective consciousness of Kenyans.

Former Rongo University Student Sharon Otieno Using a Smartphone

Former Rongo University Student Sharon Otieno Using a SmartphoneSharon Otieno, late Rongo University student whose murder case remains in the courts


Adding fuel to the fire, one of the main suspects in Sharon’s murder is purportedly the chairman of UDA Nyanza, deepening suspicions of political entanglements and cover-ups in the investigation.

Calls for justice for Sharon have flooded social media platforms, with citizens demanding accountability and swift action from law enforcement agencies. Many are pointing fingers at the slow pace of the investigation and the apparent lack of progress in bringing Sharon’s killers to justice.

The sentencing of Jowie Irungu has sparked a nationwide debate on the efficacy and fairness of the Kenyan judicial system. While some applaud the court’s decision as a step towards justice for Monica Kimani, others see it as a stark reminder of the unresolved injustices in Sharon Otieno’s case.

As the nation grapples with these pressing questions of justice and accountability, the cry for “Justice for Sharon too” grows louder, underscoring the imperative for the authorities to expedite the investigation and bring Sharon’s perpetrators to book. The eyes of the nation remain fixated on the scales of justice, eagerly awaiting the day when Sharon Otieno receives the justice she deserves.

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