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‘I’m Now Officially Married,’ Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan Reveals

Zari discussed about her marriage while on a business trip to Tanzania

by Jayden Musembi
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Popular Ugandan socialite and business lady Zari Hassan has confirmed to her social media fans that she is now married to her new man. This comes days after the South African-based businesswoman left Kenya following her business trip.

While in Kenya, Zari was accompanied by her new boyfriend. She revealed this news to her fans during her recent trip to Tanzania as the brand ambassador of Softcare. She arrived in Tanzania after staying for a few days in Uganda with her alleged husband.


The Ugandan socialite

During her recent interview while in Tanzania, the beautiful lady said that the man is her husband and that she is so proud of how things have turned out. Narrating this story, Zari Hassan stated,

“He is my husband, Case closed. I am at work and my husband doesn’t get involved with the things I do. He respects me.”

Zari has been married before and has children from her previous relationships. She was married to the late businessman known as Ivan Ssemwanga and together,  they were blessed with three boys. She then got married to Tanzanian top singer Diamond Platinumz. The two were blessed with two adorable children, a boy, and a girl. However, the duo split in the year 2018 due to cases of infidelity.

Diamond was unfaithful to her, and this happened with different women. During the second episode of the Young Famous and African series on Netflix, Zari said that she knew about the numerous women that Diamond was sleeping with. They tried to solve things but it did not work out and eventually, they separated. During the show, she said that,

“Even the times when I knew you messed up, I would just keep silent for the sake of peace, for us to be happy, let it go, let it slide, move on, keep going, keep your family.You gave me away…Baba T you know I was here for you, like I would deny for you, I would take a bullet for you, but every time I did that for you, you did the opposite, me and your kids were being attacked, I had nowhere to hide.”

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