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Tuju Corners IEBC Commissioners, Tears Away Their Religious Mask

Raphael Tuju responded to claims against him, opening a new lid on IEBC commissioners Prof. Guliye and Boya Molu as well as CEO Hussein Marjan

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Azimio la Umoja Executive Director, Raphael Tuju, has torn away the religious mask of innocence and purity proudly won by Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) commissioners, Abdi Guliye and Molu Boya as well as CEO Hussein Marjan

This is after a damning expose on how the two IEBC commissioners visited his house to auction votes and how CEO Marjan has employed the use of threats to hide evidence. Tuju’s revelation points to a rotten picture of the commissioners who have sided with IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati.

Speaking at a presser on Sunday, August 28, Raphael Tuju revealed that Guliye and Molu planned a private meeting with him at his Karen home in which they attempted to negotiate and ‘auction votes’ outside their mandate as IEBC commissioners.


IEBC Commissioner Abdi Guliye, IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati and IEBC Commissioner Molu Boya

“I want Prof Guliye and Mr Molu to explain what they came to do in my house, what that discussion was about and the drift of that discussion was more of auctioneers rather than Commissioners… I want them to dispute that they did not come to my house. I will make available footage from CCTV cameras installed in my house to the DCI to aid investigations,” Tuju revealed, to the shock of the entire country.

The religious mask of innocence torn apart

Earlier, in the wake of sworn affidavits being deposited at the supreme court by the two factions of commissioners one led by Chairman Chebukati and another by Vice Chair Juliana Cherera, William Ruto’s close ally Sylvanus Osoro threw his own Christian faith under the bus in an attempt to sanitize the religious high ground that Commissioners Guliye and Molu Boya hold by virtue of being of the Muslim faith.

The Mp posted,

“I am a CHRISTIAN by faith,but whenever put to test on who are TRUTHFUL no matter the situation, my MUSLIM brothers would take it ANYTIME. In a contest of TRUTH, you need not to look further,the truth is where the MUSLIM person is..”

Unfortunately for the MP, his readers were quick to remind him of his half-truth theory of convenience given his strong stance against MP Junet Mohamed and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, despite them being devout Muslims.

Kenyans were quick to ask the Ruto ally whether the notion of Muslims being ever-truthful and sincere only applied to those in William Ruto’s political corner of convenience.

Moreover, Raphael Tuju’s new revelation that the two ‘religious’ commissioners visited his home outside their official mandate as IEBC Commissioners in a bid to auction votes tears away the religious facade they have put to Kenyans and shows them for who they really are – opportunistic people lying through their teeth.

Tuju reveals CEO Marjan’s threats to hide the truth

Tuju’s expose also puts IEBC CEO Hussein Marjan Marjan in the center of a new storm for threatening an IEBC Commissioner with dire consequences for revealing the illegal games going on behind the scenes.


IEBC CEO Hussein Marjan

“One of the IEBC commissioners informed me that some of the Forms 34A were being brought down and were being replaced by other Forms 34A. He was not able to know the exact location from which it was happening.

“This gentleman was so terrified and he actually mentioned that he had been threatened by Mr Marjan, who warned that he  (the commissioner) should not play with him lest he would know who he really was,” Tuju claimed.

Earlier, CEO Marjan had been exposed by Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi for irregularly hiring his wife to a key IEBC position and suggested the hiring was part of a scheme to predetermine the outcomes of the elections.

The week of revelations and exposes continues!


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