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Is Sultana Dating? Fresh Details About Mwanaasha Johari’s Boyfriend And Private Life Emerge

Details of Sultana's boyfriend emerge

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Mwanaasha Johari, otherwise known as Sultana in Citizen TV show that is programmed by Lulu Hassan, has raised speculations about private life including dating details especially among her fans.

Sultana was born in coastal region where she majored her career in acting and Journalism.

She just began her acting excursion from demonstrating. She has generally been energetic, and her style consciousness is all around lauded by her devotees. After a great deal of hard work and devotion, the entertainer secured a big role at Citizen TV for Sultana show where she acts as a blind girl.

Among other characters in Sultana Show includes; Suleiman Faadhili, Aqsa Shani, Othaman Njaidi, Rehema Rajab, Lolani Kalu, Annette Odubi, Khalid Jamal Ali, Mercy Shani, Angie Magio, David Mbiko and other minor characters in the play.

Sultana is a revered entertainer, model and thespian. Although details about her family members and age remains scanty, Sultana is rumoured to be dating currently.

In May 2022, Sultana joined other tik tokers to do a challenge for Mtasubiri song of Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz featuring Zuchu.

When asked about the video on TikTok, Sultana confessed that those awaiting for her break up with Jabal Junior in Sultana show will be left in despair.

“I decided to sing them the Diamond’s song to let them know that I and JJ truly love each other and that we are not going to separate. Even to my fellow actors who want JJ, watangoja. Nishasema nampenda na akasema ananipenda pia” she said.

Jabal Junior was born in a humble family but landed in a royal family later.

However, this might be a trick as it is always portrayed in the scene of acting and shouldn’t be heavily relied on the dating rumours.

Sultana is yet to clear the air about her real boyfriend away from acting scene.


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