Home Politics Oscar Sudi Exposes How Deep State Will Allegedly Rig Elections In Favour Of Raila

Oscar Sudi Exposes How Deep State Will Allegedly Rig Elections In Favour Of Raila

The MP has made sensational claims against ICT CS Joe Mucheru

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Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi now claims that the Deep State is lining up a team of IT experts, who will be tasked with executing a well-orchestrated rigging scheme in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Sudi claims that the team, which he alleges will be under the stewardship of ICT CS Joe Mucheru, will rig in ODM Leader Raila Odinga.

“The Hustler Nation is aware that Deep State agents are working on an elaborate rigging scheme currently being deployed by various ICT experts under instructions of CS Mucheru . The plan involves sabotage of the internet exchange on election day and the use of various data centres,” he said.


Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi

In their execution of the alleged scheme, the outspoken lawmaker said the team of IT experts will sabotage internet exchange on election day and will use various data centres with intentions to manipulate the presidential contest.

“The data centres are heavily secured and equipped. The results manipulation will be done by introducing algorithms to achieve the already pre-set tally that gives their project Raila Odinga victory,” he added.

Sudi on recent opinion poll releases

The second-term MP further stated that the shadowy group has been sponsoring the recent opinion poll releases that place Raila ahead of Ruto, to hoodwink the electorate.

“That is why they are releasing fake opinion polls every two days to cheat the public. They are bragging that even if the matter goes to the Supreme Court they have already struck a deal with the judges for a favourable ruling,” he added.

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