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Why Kenyans Hate My Boyfriend So Much – Mungai Eve

Trevor disclosed that he didn't understand how the notion came up

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Popular Kenyan content creator dubbed Mungai Eve has explained why her boyfriend Trevor is hated by many social media users. Speaking during a previous interview with Jalang’o, Mungai Eve stated that many of her Boyfriend’s haters are jealous that they are together. Mungai Eve stated that her relationship with Trevor, and how will their online platform is thriving has provoked people into hating her boyfriend even more.

Eve Mungai was responding to Jalang’o’s question of why people perceive that Trevor is arrogant. Before Eve Mungai answered the question, Jalang’o turned the camera on Trevor who stated that he couldn’t understand how the social media notion came about.

Eve Mungai

The lovebirds

Trevor said that he doesn’t understand people, adding that people have always had issues when he is before or behind the camera. He stated that he couldn’t get the point of people hating him.

I am not arrogant, online guys seem to have their own issues. If I appear on camera they’ll have an issue and the same thing happens when I am behind the camera so what do I do?

In his defence, Mungai Eve spoke boldly about the haters, adding that people are jealous that she chose to date him. Eve Mungai stated,

I am not saying I am not kind but Trevor is much kinder. Trevor is so kind personally my character, I don’t entertain so many things I am normally a no-nonsense but him he is always there always listening so I don’t think so Trevor hana kiburi.

The couple has been making huge steps in the media industry, and currently, Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Trevor are among the few young YouTubers who have managed to rise to the top of the game.

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