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The Story Of Sultana’s Bi Salama; Early Life, Career & Death

The death of Bi Salama was a huge blow to the Sultana Series cast Members

by Jayden Musembi
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Rehema Rajab Konde alias Bi Salama was a renowned actress who played different movie roles in Maisha Magic East. Before she passed on, Rehema Rajab was playing the role of Bi Salama on Citizen TV’s Sultana Series. Let us learn a few things about Bi Salama that you didn’t know.

Early Life
Rehema was born in Kenya’s coastal region. She was raised in the region while attending various schools around Kenya’s coast. She grew up to become a responsible Swahili girl. Her morals and values while growing up were simply traditional. If you had a chance to interact with Rehema Rajab alias Bi Salama, you might have learned a lot from her, since she represented simplicity.

Career Life
She was an actress all her life. She was known for playing various TV shows on Maisha Magic East. In Pete, Rehema played the role of Mama Jinale. Pete is a top-notch TV series that airs on Maisha Magic East Channel. In Pete, Mama Jinale was one of the key characters.

Mama Jinale was the mother of both Safira and Razia. Who is Safira in Pete. Safira is a mermaid character. The show used to air from Monday to Wednesday every single week.

In the Sultana TV series, Rehema played the role of Bi Salama, a show that airs on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday starting from 7.30 to 8.00 pm. In the series, Bi Salama’s character symbolized a midwife. Bi Salama was the one who assisted Sultana’s Bi Ua in delivery.

Who is Bi Ua? Bi Ua is the wife of Major Jabali, who rails from a rich background. Bi Salama was expected to raise the child because unfortunately, the mother had supposedly passed on. She was a phenomenal character, and this was evident from her acting skills.

Rehema’s Death
Fans of Sultana TV series were shocked when they learned about the death of Bi Salama. Rehema died on 21st February. She left a huge gap and she will sincerely be missed. Her death came days after Gilli Owino alias Mzee In Pete’s TV series passed on.

Many celebrities sent their condolences to the family. They include Lulu Hassan, Rashid Abdalla, and Lolani Kalu who is a cast member of the popular TV series. Her death was speculated to be immediate since she hadn’t reported being unwell. She was laid to rest at Likoni in Mombasa. Among the actors who attended her burial include Bura and Sudi.

What Was Bi Salama’s Net Worth?

Before she died, Rehema’s net worth was estimated to be more than $150,000. All her wealth was accumulated from acting and business. She was a hardworking individual, and this could be told from the assets she owned like cars and a home in Mombasa.

Fun Moments
Other than being an actress, Rehema loved to sing and dance. She was known for her kind heart, and in many cases, people would rush to her for advice and guidance because of her ability to caution and counsel. What do you miss about Bi Salama? Find more articles here. Also, read.

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