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I Was Deceived By Nice Looks – Papa Shirandula’s Kawira On Why She Married Her Ex-Husband

Kawira and Pastor Ephantus Wahome separated in 2020

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Popular Kenyan actress Joy Furaha, who is known for her comical role in the former Papa Shirandula show has stated that good looks deceived her into marrying her now estranged husband Pastor Ephantus Wahome.

Kawira disclosed that even though her ex husband was so good looking, she failed in listening to the voice of God. Kawira recounted how she left her marriage during the Covid 19 pandemic. She added that if at all she knew, she wouldn’t have stepped into that marriage. Kawira argued that in her view of marriage, money is not everything.

In a recent interview, Kawira discussed how her marriage ended. She explained that marriage came before she knww some things. When she came to learn more about marriage, it was too late and her marriage was already sinking.

The actress stated that her marriage ended on June 16, 2020. She came to realise how far people can take pretence, arguing that what you see in the limelight cannot be the real truth on ground. She stated,

You cannot know who you are dealing with in the entertainment industry. People can be pretenders and money is not everything. I left during a pandemic coz I was not at peace. While dating there was no red flag.”

The actress explained that when she was dating her ex husband, she didn’t get to see any form of red flag until she settled to marrying him. She narrating that regrets of commitment and being faithful came after. She added,

I did not provoke things and that is one way I failed. While dating, try to do something like coming late for a date to see their reactions and how they can handle anger.”

Kawira thought that because her ex husband was good looking and a man of God, she had the best husband. To her surprise, things changed for the worst. What do you think about this story? Also read. Find other articles here.

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